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iDEX for iPhone

The iDEX for iPhone application is an electronic Romanian monolingual dictionary: it defines Romanian words with explanations in Romanian of what they mean and how they should be used.

Based on the database from dexonline.ro, iDEX offers access to an extensive repository of word definitions. It is an iPhone port of JaDEX, adapted to the specific requirements and constraints of the smaller device.

It features

  • over 300,000 dictionary entries from different sources
  • offline access to all of the included dictionaries without the need for an internet connection and without resorting to the web browser
  • ease of use: just enter the keyword in the search text box and press the Search button

It offers a comprehensive set of look-up options

  • make your search accent-sensitive or accent-insensitive
    no need to know the exact spelling of the word you're interested in: just enter "tara" and find "tara", "tară", "țară" and "țâră"
  • simple ASCII shortcuts for Romanian diacritics
    without switching to a different keyboard, type one simple combination of characters and get one accented letter
    a( → ă
    a/ → â
    i/ → î
    t, → ț
    s, → ș
  • find words using simple DOS-like regular expressions
    you can get wider matches with * and ?, or select from some presets Starts With Keyword → entry* Contains Keyword → *entry*
  • sort your results
    order them by entry, internal ID number, source dictionary or author (the volunteer that typed the text)

The dictionary application uses tons of information that the volunteers of the DEX online project have input. Thanks to them for their invaluable work, to Francu Cătălin for starting the project, and also to all the people that have contacted us or will contact us in the future to ask questions, give advice or suggest features.